River Springs Tai Chi

Simplified Yang Style Tai Chi Set (24 Movements)

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  Movement Name (click to see figures) Direction Chinese Name
Form 1 Commencing form South
Form 2 Part the wild horse's mane (3) East
Form 3 The white crane spreads its wings East
Form 4 Brush knee and twist step on both sides (3) East
Form 5 Hand strums the lute East
Form 6 Step back and whirl arms on both sides (4) East
Form 7 Grasp the bird's tail-left style East
Form 8 Grasp the bird's tail-right style West
Form 9 Single whip East
Form 10 Wave hands like clouds-left style South
Form 11 Single whip East
Form 12 High pat on the horse East
Form 13 Kick with right heel (east by south 30) East
Form 14 Strike opponent's ears with both fists East
Form 15 Turn and kick with left heel (w by n 30) West
Form 16 Push down and stand on one leg-left style West *
Form 17 Push down and stand on one leg-right style West
Form 18 Work at shuttles on both sides 45 Degrees
Form 19 Needle at sea bottom West
Form 20 Flash the arm West
Form 21 Turn, deflect downward, parry and punch East
Form 22 Apparent close up East
Form 23 Cross hands South
Form 24 Closing form South

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